Benefits to Dry Cleaning

Sometimes it is helpful to imagine just how difficult simple tasks were in the past. Laundry is a great example. Just the thought of hauling baskets of garments to the river, or hauling up water to be boiled by a stove fire, or scrubbing socks with an old fashioned washboard – they all quite justifiably send a shiver up one’s spine. Even one hundred years ago it would take literally all day to clean and care for your clothes. Thankfully, we now live in a time of enlightenment! Dry cleaning and wash-dry-fold service is truly one of the boons of modern life – the fact that you can relatively cheaply and quickly have someone take care of your clothing is such a freeing prospect!

And there are other advantages as well. A good dry cleaner pays attention to the details when it comes to your clothes, spotting things like missing buttons and small tears and repairing them accordingly. While pointing out stains and other imperfections in your clothing at the time you bring them in is the best policy (dry cleaners go through A LOT of clothes in a given day), over time you’ll come to trust Pearl Street Laundry to treat your clothes as if they were our own.

Then, there is the dry cleaning technology itself, which is truly a marvel of modernity. These machines use special solutions to lift oil and dirt stains from delicate clothing and garments that a run through the washer might damage or shrink. While dry cleaning may be unnecessary for your rugged blue jeans, any sensitive and expensive clothing greatly benefits from this gentle cleaning process.

But the quality care doesn’t stop when the dry cleaning cycle finishes. Professional dry cleaners are also equipped with a myriad of pressing machines to make the work of ironing efficient and consistent. You can be sure that no wrinkles will be found in that blazer or tie when you pick them up.

Keep in mind that the process isn’t always the same with every material and another benefit of the dry cleaning services here at Pearl Street Laundry has to do with expertise. Humans make clothing out of dozens of different materials, and there is a difference between the way that mohair and seersucker have to be treated, for instance. You can depend on your drycleaner for expertise and knowledge in sorting through all of the different specifications. We often examine clothing after the customer has dropped it off to make sure it will be taken care of properly, and if there is a question or risk to the garment in the cleaning technique we will always call the customer for consultation.

We here at Pearl Street Laundry know how to care for your clothing, upholstery, and bedding to keep it in the same state it was in when you purchased it. Don’t miss out on all the miracles of modern technology, friendly service, and years of expertise! Just swing by, drop off, and let us work our magic. Take this time consuming process off of your hands so that you can see to the more important things in life. We hope to see you soon!