At PSL we try to make doing laundry more enjoyable!

We pride ourselves on providing customers with a clean, calm space complete with free wifi, seating, patio space, and vending machines to make doing your laundry... not so bad!

Wash it!

We offer several different types of commercial washing machines to meet all of your laundry needs. We have a newly installed 40 lb. Continental washer to handle larger loads and specialty items, such as comforters, as well as a 20 lb. Continental washer - the "Cadillac of Washers!"  These larger washers are awesome and accept credit cards - so stop by to try them out today!

We also have six 18 lb. Maytag front load washers, 2 Huebsch top-load washers, and 2 Maytag top-load washers to accommodate your preference and needs. All washers start at $3.25 per load but pricing varies based on washer selected and specific wash selections. We also sell detergent, dryer sheets and two types of bleach for your convenience.

Dry it!

With 16 commercial dryers at $0.25 per 5 minutes of dry time, you will always be able to get your clothes dry quickly.  Our gas-powered Huebsch dryers were newly installed in November 2016 and are more energy efficient to offer high quality clothes drying to our customers. We also sell Bounce dryer sheets and Woolzie dryer balls to soften your clothes and reduce static. All 16 dryers accept credit cards as well as quarters.

Our machines  accept credit cards!



Front Load Washers 8
Top Load Washers 4
Dryers 16
Change Maker  1
Vending 2


Wisk Detergent
Dryer Sheets


Free Wifi
Outside Patio
Laundry Sink
Vending Machines
On-site Staff
Security Cameras