Super Bowl Stains (Go Pats!)

This football season has been an exciting one, and it is nearly time for it to come to an even more exciting conclusion. While the winner has yet to be determined, it is sure to be a thrilling spectacle for sports fans all over the country – not just here in Cambridge, MA – Go Pats!

But, whatever team you support, chances are you appreciate any chance to get together with friends and family for a good Super Bowl party. With all the yummy snacks and drinks around, it is easy to get stiff-armed by a cheering fan or two during the festivities. The best play would be to dogleg over to Pearl Street and let the veterans handle the after-game mess, but if you are looking to perform your own Hail Mary, we’ve got a few words for the wise to help you deal with Super Bowl stains.

Nacho Cheese

Cheese goes well with all sorts of scrumptious snacks. While it may be delicious, finding a yellow dollop of the stuff on your jersey or carpet can put a damper on the big game’s proceedings to be sure. It is not the cheese itself, but rather the oil trapped inside it that makes this tricky to deal with, and experts recommend corn starch of all things. Just make sure you don’t rub the offending stain, as that seems to only work the cheesy goodness further into the fabric.


What is a Super Bowl Sunday without a couple of frosty brews? Beer and football are about as American as it gets, but coming out of your party smelling like a bar floor is never appealing. Thankfully, beer stains are generally quite easy to deal with. Simply soak the offending garment for 15 minutes in a sink filled with hot water and a splash of vinegar. Then launder as you normally would. Good as new!

Wing Sauce

We here at Pearl Street have a soft spot for buffalo wings, but eating a dozen of them without getting at least some kind of stain seems impossible (particularly after a few of the aforementioned beers). So what is a football fan to do? When this catastrophe befalls you, it is best to act quickly before the stain has a chance to move in and set up shop in your precious fabrics. Simply mix a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in two cups of warm water and dab the heck out of the spot. I mean really get in there. The more pressure you put on it the better, and if you act fast enough that hot sauce stain won’t linger.

For more stain fighting tips check out this article as well.

Enjoy the big game and remember that when all else fails, you’ll have us here at Pearl Street Laundry & Dry Cleaning running deep coverage. We are fully trained to tackle any stain you can show us. Good luck to your team and have a wonderful Super Bowl!