Ringing in 2017 with clean laundry.

Now that Christmas and New Years Eve have come and gone, we turn our attention to making 2017 a great year. 2017 is the year of the rooster on the Chinese Zodiac, and it is sure to be an auspicious one full of good fortune and clean, well-maintained clothing if we here at Pearl Street have anything to say about it. But before we can all fire up those lofty New Year’s Resolutions, there is the little matter of cleaning up after last night’s festivities. Whether you are celebrated in Times Square or with a small get together in your home, this night is one of the most exciting of the entire year and one that is sure to leave reminders on your clothing.


Who doesn’t love the loud and exuberant champagne cork-popping ritual? The loud bang and the frothing drink are part of the imagery we all associate with the ringing of the New Year. But what happens when the champagne flows a little too freely – like actually onto your clothes? Well, you can certainly bring your garments in for a working over by the Pearl Street Laundry & Dry Cleaning experts, or you can treat the issue yourself with a mix of warm water, laundry detergent, and a dabbing motion with a sponge or rag. Remember to air dry your silk or other delicate materials afterward.


New Year’s Eve can’t be complete without some time spent satiating that sweet tooth before you supercharge your willpower for a brand new diet. While you were focused on scarfing all of those treats last night, those goodies were focused on leaving their mark on your clothes. But have no fear, if treated early chocolate ranks pretty low on the scale of hard to deal with stains. Just scrape it off, dab with cold water, and launder normally.

Soot and Smoke

The best New Year’s parties are bonfire parties! With the frosty nip of December in its full power, having a blazing fire to gather around creates a sense of communal joy and warmth as you ring in the New Year. But what we definitely don’t feel warm towards is that smoky smell that lingers in our clothing. So what can we do about it anyway?

One of the best “life hacks” we have found for dealing with smoky clothes involves a zip lock bag and some dryer sheets. You can probably figure out the rest – yup, that’s it, stick those smelly clothes in the zip lock with the dryer sheets and seal it up for a day or two. When you take them out you’ll have better smelling clothes that should then be laundered regularly.

It has been a fantastic year here at Pearl Street, and we couldn’t have come so far without our loyal customers. We want to wish each and every one of you a very happy New Year! See you in 2017!