Welcome to Central Square & Pearl Street Laundry!

Our neighborhood is special to us! Central Square is a unique and vibrant place to be sure, and it isn’t just the eclectic mix of restaurants or stores – it’s the people themselves. We pride ourselves on being your Central Square and Cambridgeport neighborhood laundromat, and with nearly three decades of history in the area, Pearl Street Laundry is a local staple among the residents and businesses of this cherished part of the Boston metro.

Tucked between MIT and Harvard, we’ve seen a lot of new faces recently as the new school year commenced, and we want to give a warm welcome to our new neighbors. We offer first-time customers 10% off of their wash-dry-fold service. So let us know if it’s your first time visiting us!

Also, we like to refer people to these websites to find out more about the Central Square area:




Recently, this NY Times article about the area was published and we love its suggestions! 

Most importantly, we want to show our appreciation to those who’ve lived near here for generations and supported Pearl Street Laundry for years. Although we (the newest owners) have lived in the area, after purchasing Pearl Street Laundry from its long-time owner it was our neighbors and loyal customers that helped in the adjustment and welcomed us into the Central Square family. The emotion we have for the area extends well beyond our services as a laundromat, beyond the realm of dollars and cents – we are proud of our neighborhood and glad to be a part of this historic, yet booming district in the heart of a great American city.

We are all steeped in heritage here in Boston, and we’ve learned to cherish our past. It is what makes us who we are, after all. As such, we just wanted to put aside this time to say: thank you Central Square – and here is to a bright future for the area, out neighbors and your laundry!

Thumbnail photo: Central Square Cambridge Ma is a photograph by Toby McGuire which was uploaded on September 20th, 2014.